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Third Investment of 2021 - Myself a Mommy Makeover

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Third Investment of 2021- Myself - A Mommy Makeover

(Second Investment will be mentioned on a podcast that is en route of recording next month)

TOTAL: $23,043 EDIT: TOTAL: $23,543 (super last minute I decided to get silicone)

Surgeon: Dr. Sohn

Scottie was gone for 6.5 months for a Covid Nurse deployment. The reason why Scottie decided, or I should say we decided to have him go on this deployment was because there was a huge demand for healthcare workers and the areas that were hit the hardest needed nurses. We prayed about it and Scottie felt called to go. Not to mention, the pay was a once in a lifetime opportunity we could not turn down. He went to El Paso, TX. The vision was for him to stay max 2-3 months. Then we would evaluate our situation.

But it’s hard, you know, not having your family together. Me playing a single mom was extremely hard, not to mention, at the beginning of his deployment I was one of the handful of people that had to work at the office. Also, we co own a memory care home with another family so that also kept Scottie busy. Since he was gone, I filled in for him. He missed Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter, our 16 year anniversary, his birthday and the boys growing.

At the 3-month mark, I was getting anxious, irritable and was a hot mess. I kept telling him to come home already. You see, I’m very impatient and he’s very patient and can see long term. He knew the longer he stayed the longer our family could be set up for the future. But I wanted him home. Scottie said to me to make a savings account for anything I wanted. He had to bribe me for him to stay longer. Ha-ha!!! So, I was thinking, what do I really want? I want the house renovated. But he said there is also budget for me to splurge on something I wanted. So, I had to think, I was like I always wanted a Tesla. We test drove one when he came down for 36 hours. Decided, I don’t need one at the moment. Then I started looking into RV’s so we could do mini weekend trips and I think it would be so fun for the boys. But then, I realized Scottie is going back to school for Nurse Practitioner so there is no point in getting an RV now. So, what do I really want??? Well, damn I’ve always wanted a Mommy Makeover. I did tons of research and called 3 doctors. I scheduled an appt. with two of them.

My first appt. was with Dr. Sohn. I researched that he does BBL’s and is known to be one of the best in Vegas. Scottie wanted me to go Miami to get my surgery done because they have really good surgeons out there. But I wanted to stay local so he can care for me and be at the memory care home if needed. Plus, we have a zoo and kids. We can’t just go to Miami. Anyway, I had my first appt. with Dr. Sohn and felt so comfortable with him and it just felt right. Plus, I know a few people who went to him, so it made me feel more comfortable. I ended up canceling my other appt. with the other surgeon.

I scheduled my surgery in Dec, but my team said do it in the summer, it’s our slower season. So, I was like OMG! Not ready to do the surgery so quick, but I was like yolo. I called the Docs office to see if I can get the earliest surgery. They said June 17th. Which at the time I scheduled it back in March. So that gave me 3 months to mentally prepare for the biggest surgery I’ve ever gone through.

Did you know, I had my breast implants for over 13 years? Yup, I got them done before I had my oldest and you’re supposed to get your boobs done every 10 years. I always tell people my boobs are expired. Lol! Also, I had a mini tummy tuck that did absolutely nothing. I am doing this for me. Since having Lupus and Hypothyroid its hecka harder for us to lose weight. I have been going to the gym like 3-5 days a week and not a lot of results. I feel a Mommy Makeover can catapult my results to the next level. Every mom deserves to be and feel confident and I am owning that I have to pay for it, ha-ha!

The Mommy Makeover in my package that I chose to do is:

Explantation of Breast Prosthesis With Secondary Augmentation Mammaplasty: pretty much taking out my old breast implants and adding in new ones. I am sticking with saline because that is what I had before and as much as I want the gummy bear, I had to do some research and weigh the pros and cons since I have Lupus.

EDIT: So super last minute, while at the surgery center I decided to get the Mentor MemoryGel silicone implants. I did thorough research the night before and decided, yolo! Imma go with the silicone implants. I am so glad I did. You know what is even more crazy, is that my surgeon didn't have any silicone implants at the surgery center. So he had his medical assistant drive him different range sizes to have a similar size to what I had. I couldn't remember the size I got because this was 13 years ago, haha! But at my one day follow up he told me he put in 650 CC silicone implants. He mentioned I had 620 CC's saline implants. I was so happy and impressed that last minute him and his crew got me my silicone implants I wanted. Talk about WOW service. Seriously, it was the day of surgery, I am in my surgical gown and asked for silicone and if it was too late. He told me the pros and cons and because of my Lupus I would need to get a mammography more often and if they rupture its the unknown of what would happen and if it would cause more damage and flareups to my body. But its extremely rare that silicone implants rupture. Plus I have faith and know God has my back! <3

Price: $9,500 Discount: $1,000 Total: $8,500 EDIT Total: $9000 - extra $500 for silicone

Abdominoplasty – Extended: Pretty much a hip to hip scar to chop off my muffin top

Price: $10,800 Discount: $0 Total: $10,800

Liposuction – flanks: Lipo on the side of my abdomen

Price: $6,500 Discount: $3,500 Total: $3,000

Liposuction – Mons: Pretty much my FUPA, lmfao, google it.

Price: $2,500 Discount: $2,500 Total: $0

Fat Grafting to Hip Dips: Pretty much a mini BBL, not the full since I am not getting fat to the back side. Just fat transferred to my hips.

Price: $3,000 Discount: $0 Total: $3,000

Exparel - Pain med

Price: $400 Discount: $0 Total: $400

SCD’s – Rental for leg compression machine.

Price: $150 Discount: $0 Total: $150

Capsular revision – Left breast, Dr. Sohn will fix the unevenness.

Price: $1,000 Discount: $1,000 Total: $0

BLISCare Breast Revision – Insurance for revision if needed.

Price: $375 Discount: $0 Total: $375

Discount for multiple Procedures:

Total: $2,000

Cash Discount: 3 percent discount for paying in full in cash.

Total: $682

Total: $34,225.00 EDIT TOTAL: $34,725.00

Discount for multiple procedures and 3 percent discount: $11,182.00

Balance: $23,043.00 EDIT TOTAL BALANCE: $23,543.00

Scottie and I paid in full. God is good! I know this post seems jaded and very selfish, but we have a lot of things in the works giving back and I cannot wait to share those deets. We have been saving for 7 months for an orphanage in Haiti that Scottie and I visited. We are waiting to finalize the details to share. In the meantime, we would love the prayers for a safe and speedy recovery. Love you all! To my boys, I love you to the moon and back! <3

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