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The fruition of YouTube Content

Hi there! Jeanalin here, a sophisticated real estate investor. However, my focus and passion is serving our guests with an elevated rental experience. I self-manage our long term rental, mid term rental, and curated a portfolio of 15 properties for an investor ranging from short term and mid term while implementing shmedium a hybrid model of short term and medium term to maximize occupancy. I always share my journey through managing all these properties on social media and a lot of people would reach out asking for advice.

This is where I knew I needed to create YouTube content to jam pack all my knowledge I was able to learn while creating my own rental portfolio and helping an investor build his. As a Superhost on Airbnb, I takes pride in curating an elevated experistay and want to share what I learned with the world. The best part, our two sons will help with the filming and editing. Scottie will also be my co-instructor. <-- Gotta pimp him out. Haha! 🤣

                                           Your Instructor


Our mid term rental - Live in flip BRRRR


Our long term rental - Live in flip BRRRR


I decided to create content to help guide you to be the coolest landlord or the dopest host/co-host. This e-course will provide you with the tools and detailed steps to get started in co-hosting properties, how to research/pick your market, budgeting, how to find clients, planning phase, branding, marketing, renovations, listing copy, staging, going live, customer service, house hacking strategies and so much more!

Our content will focus on midterm rental branding strategy and house hacking. However, the secret sauce I share, you can implement them to short term and long term rentals. 

The portfolio I helped curate for an investor. I staged, co hosted & managed his portfolio of 15 properties.

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Thanks for being awesome sauce!

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