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Military Hack

How we...
Scottie did almost 9 years in the Marine Corps as a machine gunner 0331. This privilege has allowed us to still perk on some military benefits after he got out, which allows us to save money. So thankful for his service. 


Our favorite military hack is getting a membership at Lifetime Fitness for only $55 a month for the whole family. It's usually $150 per person. Talk about holy moly.... We save so much money by this amazing benefit. We are so very grateful for the Wounded Warriors Project and Lifetime Fitness for allowing our family to workout in such an amazing facility. :) 

P.S. If you are a disabled vet check with Wounded Warriors Project to see if they offer this for you.  - Jeanalin


Ok, I lied. Our favorite military hack is having 4 lines at T-Mobile for $102. This includes unlimited data, text and calls for all 4 lines. Thank you T-Mobile for allowing my little family to stay connected and have Netflix for free!!! :)

P.S. If you're a veteran, call T-Mobile and see what discounts they can do for you and your family. - Jeanalin

For my vets, if you have not done so apply for and use your VA benefits if eligible. The VA still has work to do but they are improving, but as you know anything dealing with the government it takes time. VA disability is a tax-free entitlement, use it. I'll be adding more info about this subject, stay tuned! - Scott


Another military hack we do is having a subscription to Massage Envy. We get 10% off and we paid our yearly subscription up front which gave us two additional massages. Talk about winning!!! Thank you, Massage Envy, for allowing Scottie and I to pamper ourselves with massages at a discount. Also, thanks to my friend, Aida, for gifting us a free massage here and introducing us to this amazing place. - Jeanalin 

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