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Hi! We're Scott, Jeanalin, Adrian and Kyson. We're a family of four that is learning how to play with FIRE. An acronym for Financial Independence Retire Entrepreneur/Early which we heard from a lot of podcasts specifically Bigger Pockets. It's a movement that we are so passionate about.


We both work full time. Scottie is a travel Covid nurse and I'm a Jr. Program Analyst at Zappos (just quit July 2022). We decided to utilize our free time to learn how to invest. Not only invest in real estate but to invest in ourselves.


We also wanted to share our investment progress and how we budget. Our goal is to inspire others because we tackled our way out of $104,000 in debt in 4 years. We had to learn to give up that extra boujee lifestyle, lol! 

We hope you enjoy our crazy family! Thanks for stopping by. =)

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