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We budget $200-$250 a month on going out to eat. This is where it got hard for us. We didn't realize that we ate out so much. When we first started budgeting we calculated how much we spent on going out to eat. Which almost added to $1,000 on just restaurant/fast food. We quickly knew we had to change that. So giving us $200-$250 a month on four people allows us to go out to eat once a week for around $50 or less. One hack we love to do when we go out to eat is share a soda. Scott will usually order his diet coke and i'll order 3 waters for the boys and I. Then Scottie and I would share the soda with free refills, lol. That saves us about $2.99 per meal. - Jeanalin


Sharing is caring! 


Another budgeting tip we do is try our hardest to stick to $1200 (updated 2023) a month on groceries. For a family of four that is pretty generous. Sounds easy but for us its pretty hard. We always go over by a little. We shop at Sams Club for Bulk Items and also Walmart. We get the generic brand for food for almost every item we can. Sometimes we'll even go to the dollar store to get certain items that we know would be cheaper. Scottie does coupon sometimes but it takes a lot of time. 

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