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Find us on multiple podcasting platforms. 

We've been MIA. Click on the video to see what we've been up to. 


Scott's journey

Jeanalin's journey

Our journey together

Our Faith

How we got into debt

How we got out of debt

How we started our investing portfolio What's in our portfolio


Thank you for tuning in as we learn how to podcast. We are learning as we go. :)

Hey ya'll this is our first attempt to Podcasting/YouTubing. We hope you guys follow our journey because we are going to share with you all how we managed to get out of $104,000 in debt and how we're learning to build our passive investment portfolio. We're learning how to play with F.I.R.E. (Financial Independence Retire Early/Entrepreneur). We will also be interviewing entrepreneurs/investors and anyone with an impactful story. Stay tuned!
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Filmed/edited/directed by: Jeanalin
Logo: Jeanalin
On air talent: Scott and Jeanalin Rehm

Outro with the kiddos: Please like, subscribe, leave a review, comment and share, thanks!

So excited we’re finally getting s#!t done. We bought this house 2 years ago in an attempt that it would be our 5 year live in flip home. We saw potential. Life got us busy so we put renovations on the back burner. 


Also, this is how we bicker. Lmfao! I’m learning how to edit with Premiere Pro so bare with my amateur technique. We want to post our renovations to be consistent with content on our YouTube channel. That’s one of the things I’m learning to work on myself is being more consistent in life since I’m a hot mess. 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ 


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