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2020 we're coming for you!

2019 was the craziest and one of the hardest years of our lives. We dreamt small but learned that when you have a dream you have to dream big. This was the first year Scottie and I started investing and we originally just wanted to start small with trying to invest in a fourplex.

Then we started to learn how to leverage our network. We met numerous of like minded people and hung out with them. We were hungry and ready. Once we made connections and built relationships everything changed.

We sold our townhome early Jan 2019 and made a nice profit off of it and we got into our first passive investment with investing in 3 Crunch Fitness gyms. We bought a 3d printer machine so our boys can learn to be little entrepreneurs and then our care home got licensed and endorsed for 8 beds memory care. Not to mention we partnered on a 24 multi family unit.

Our last investment of the year was three weeks ago and one we would not recommend doing. It happened within days of buying our dream dog. Haha! We blew our emergency fund on a gas and oil investment. But God shows up. A week later I won $2k from my work for doing wellness challenges. Talk about going by faith. He always shows up on time.

I have an emotional attachment to money and like to see our savings grow. However, we couldn’t pass this opportunity up. Even if it fails, I don’t want to look back and wish we tried.

The company we invested in is drilling in Corpus Cristi, Texas and has a 70% success rate at hitting either gas and or oil. We did research and learning about this industry. So we didn’t want to have this opportunity go by.

Just like this oil and gas picture above, it looks like a see-saw. It reminded me that your finances are gonna go up and down like a see-saw in life. But you have to stay in faith and trust the process. Something I learned and had to accept when married to a go getter. Lol!

We have 2020 vision for the new decade with budgeting and cutting back since we blew all our money, lol. Omg! But we look at it as a fun learning experience. I want to be fully transparent and honest with who we are. Even if it sucks, like now, where we have to cut back and act our wage.

We will focus on our podcast so we can share with you all how crazy we are. What we’re up to and investing in and how we’re planning to rebuild our emergency fund. Until then...

We hope you all have a blessed, healthy and prosperous 2020. Cheers to a new decade!

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