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- A personal blog to capture how we're learning to invest and homestead in Las Vegas. 

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Our Portfolio

Investment Firm that holds:

Real Estate Investments:

  • Passively investing in 68 doors 

  • 24 Unit Sold

  • Sold our share of the 52 unit

Total passively invested in 144 doors.

  • 1 long term rental

  • 1 midterm rental

  • 3 Live in Flips

Business Investments:

  • 12 Crunch Fitness Gyms

  • Gas & Oil Company

  • Documentary

The Banana bungalow is an attached casita to the main home where we plan to house hack and utilize it for midterm rental to traveling professionals or those who need temporary placement while their home is getting renovated from damage. We will work closely with insurance companies so we can be an option. 


Our goal is to provide an elevated midterm rental experience with a whimsical and eclectic stay.

Ohana Senior Living’s mission is to maximize the quality of life of seniors in need by providing personalized, high quality care in a home that promotes a safe, healthy, and caring environment.

Ohana Senior Living is an 8 Bed Memory Care Home. We partnered with the Prorok Family to help serve our senior community in Las Vegas.


A family of four, we always dreamed of having a French Bulldog. Our first Frenchie, we named Dream. She is our spayed pet. We decided to get her a playmate, Big. Together, they make, Dream Big Frenchies. But when you love Frenchies so much, it grew an interest for us to be able to spread that joy to everyone. We found our niche, our calling, what God had in store for us.


We never planned to get into the Frenchie industry, but it organically kind of just came to us.

Blogs of our Investments

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